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Words With: Colly Strings

Having recently released a new single, up-and-coming Bangor-based band Colly Strings answered a few questions for MFM a short while back. Here’s how the interview went; topics for discussion included riders, busy tour schedules and of course, the name.

Gareth O’MalleyHello guys. How have things been going recently? I can imagine it’s been busy.

Colly StringsHey! Yeah things have been going great!  Been gigging loads, supporting some awesome bands such as Feeder, The Wombats, Twin Atlantic and Francesqa and have just come back from Liverpool where we played with Chain And The Gang at the Sound City Festival - on top of all that we’re in the  middle of writing a whole bunch of new tunes, so YEAH it’s been pretty busy!

I’m guessing someone in the band is a Manchester Orchestra fan, right?

You’d be right! We all enjoy a bit of Manchester Orchestra especially our singer Travis [Gilbert] - One of his favourite songs is Colly Strings, so when we  all got together to form a band, Travis pitched that song title for a band name to us, and we all thought it was kinda cool…so it stuck!

GO’M: What do you think of the Northern irish scene at the moment?

CS: It’s really great at the minute, there are so many awesome bands floating  around at the minute and there are continually more and more bands achieving success in the mainland and further abroad which is good to see!

GO’M: If you could tour with absolutely anyone, who would it be?

Couldn’t choose just one… there are FAR too many…. Kings of Leon, Manchester Orchestra, Twin Atlantic would definitely be up there, so if you put those 3 in a hat and pulled one out, we’d be happy with any of them.

GO’MWhen you play gigs, what’s on your rider?

CS: We usually just get the usual Water and Beer, however, one gig we did get like a tonne of food like sausages, bread, crisps, chocolate, eggs, ham… etc - LOADS OF STUFF, so that was a pretty good gig!

GO’MWhat’s on the agenda for the band this year?

We’re doing a couple more gigs over the summer, and then we’re taking some  time to focus on song writing because we have so many ideas and half songs that we haven’t had time to finish yet! So we’re looking forward  to that. Then after the summer it’s more gigging/recording and traveling! So no time off for us!

GO’MFinally, if you can choose, what’s your favourite song and album of 2011 so far?

Favourite Song would be ‘Friday’ by Rebbecca Black and Favourite Album would be ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’ by Bruno Mars.

[Download new single ‘Take A Good Look’ and a few other songs for free]



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