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Jackson Scott | Evie

Judging by how busy Bradford Cox’s Instagram feed is getting (following musicians on Instagram is meta fandom, didn’t you hear?), Deerhunter are in the middle of making a new record, which we’ll probably be able to pick up this year. But while we wait, and in fact, before we think nobody can even come close to rivalling Cox and co., listen to this new Jackson Scott song. 

I love Jackson Scott. I think he might be the year’s answer to Mac DeMarco. If Captured Tracks haven’t signed him up yet to do a record, they’ll regret it. ‘Evie' is an homage to Cox's overlapping, up-close-to-the-mic vocal delivery. But the guitar backdrop is super-sleepy, heavy on the heart and impossible to turn a blind eye to. Captivating, and intentionally ugly, 'Evie' is just plain exciting when it comes down to it.

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