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Mt Royal | Missing Reward

I’m kinda (very) against music consumption being an endless, habitual thing where you just skim over songs and soundwaves through RSS feeds and Soundcloud favourites. Music discovery has become an exercise in posting, applauding first and criticising later. These past few weeks, every new track has been a “THIS EXISTS” event rather than some momentary pause for thought. Look at the new The Knife song/video. I’ve barely seen a word passed on its ambition, its feminist lyrical content, its severe change in direction from one of the most important bands of our time. A great event has been reduced to just that: An event. We have a stream and that’s that. All the thinking happens at once, at the end of the year. 

I don’t necessarily think Tumblr exacerbates the situation. You can make your website what you want it to be. It just so happens that the norm is a series of images and songs that contribute to a “drip”, so to speak. That is what it is. You’re being fed these things. These wonderful things. But you don’t hear about the context and you move on from one beautiful work of art to the next like they’re pieces in a jigsaw and you’re trying to find the one that fits.

I’m saying this because if there’s one piece of music released so far in 2013 that I think we should all admire, pick holes at, shout thing about, it’s this Mt. Royal track. It’s the work of established musicians from Baltimore all happening on a sound that pays slight odes to St. Vincent and Beach House and all our other celebrated musicians whose craft is of as much interest as their actual music. It’s a piece of music that must have taken forever to perfect. So listen to it. Share it. Show your friends. But also give it more than the mere four minutes that it amounts to, once the Soundcloud wave reaches its conclusion.

Mt Royal’s Bandcamp contains a picture of a horse and a great song. Keep an eye on it.


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