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Wild International | Young Wayferer

Some of the year’s best records have come at crucial times, when you often feel like you’re just sitting around waiting for something to happen. They’re audible kicks to the nuts; Cloud Nothings showing a near, all-too-unforgiving side in ‘Attack on Memory’; Metz seemingly coming out of nowhere and turning the walls and ceilings of your bedroom inside out through sheer noise

Wild International have left me completely floored. ‘Creeks' was a strange move for a debut track. Sure, it worked really nicely. It said: 'We listen to Animal Collective and we're happy to sound like them. Deal with it.' But 'Young Wayfarer' showcases a ridiculous amount of other talents. It's gloriously loud, like Titus Andronicus raiding The Beach Boys' studio on a diet of stimulant-peppered riffs. It's loud. But it's also dynamic. And it's exciting. So god damn exciting.

Stream: Wild International | ‘Young Wayfarer’


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