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Still Corners: Into the Trees

For a while, whenever I heard Still Corners, I could only wonder what might lie behind the misty smoke. Was this a real band or some well-rehearsed old sound footage, leaping into the hands of four stylish, impressive musicians? Cinematic is a fairly limited descriptive word when applied to music but with this group, you can only imagine their songs placed up against some genius, confusing work of David Lynch”s. For some time, the buck stopped there with Still Corners. Cinematic, yes, and interesting because of it, but yet to become a real force.
Creatures of an Hour' is our first step towards finding the truly inventive and imaginative band, standing behind the smoke. It's an album of complete coherence, inviting you into a grand, immersive experience. On 'Into the Trees’, the drums feel as if they’re only inches away and Tessa Murray’s peculiar, ghostly vocals appear more human than ever. Still Corners the band. No longer a beautiful mirage.
The album is out today on Sub Pop 

Still Corners - Creatures of an Hour by subpop


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