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Gladius the Fertile: Bird Chirp

We’re told of bedroom acts that they work on low budgets, with little production at hand; few real instruments to speak of. In that case, Gladius the Fertile - a project of two maniacs who envisage no barriers to stunt the music they produce - sound nothing like a bedroom band. The drums pound menacingly like the impending rush of a tribe; the multiple layers of warm synth rushing over your head as if the studio is mere inches away.
Every asset of the Austin, Texas two-piece’s sound is harsh and unafraid. At times, vocals resemble a strange celebratory growl rather than a genuine human voice. In the age of trends and lack of risks, Gladius the Fertile appear to have thrown everything within reach into a nearby fire, only to see gold seeping out of the flames. 

Gladius the Fertile’s self-titled EP is up on Bandcamp, through Housewarming Records


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