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Tubelord: Tezcatlipoca EP

Words: Gareth O’Malley

Bloody hell. We were expecting something good from Tubelord after their sensational debut ‘Our First American Friends’ impressed us last year, but not anything this good. 

The band have clearly progressed from their debut album, even while remaining every bit as unpredictable as they’ve been known to be in the past. These three songs ensure that their second album, (tentatively) titled ‘Over In Brooklyn’ and due out next year, will be a mouthwatering prospect.

'Arbor' is sure to appeal to those who liked 'Cows To The East, Cities To The West', showcasing the band's gentler side whilst simultaneously displaying their more expansive sound, which has come about as a result of James Field on keys.

Speaking of which, his sterling work on the synth-driven single ‘Ratchet’ lifts the song to new heights. Its unusual time signature of 6/4 and interesting rhythm work give it an odd feel, but one that works extremely well in song context. There are meter changes later in the song, and the entry of a saxophone (!) adds an entirely new dimension to the track. All in less than three minutes. Can you say prog-pop?

Closer ‘Bazel’ is probably the heaviest thing they’ve written so far, exploding mid-way through with a riff that’s as arresting as it is impressive, the quartet turning things up to 11 in style. Add in a typically unpredictable song structure and some three-part vocal sections (!!), and you get something as baffling as it is brilliant.

Tubelord are very much becoming their own band, as these three songs (totalling a little over nine minutes) show. They’re refusing to keep still, gleefuly flipping the bird to those who thought they had the band pegged as too ADHD-riddled to write direct songs. They have responded with perhaps their three most immediate tracks yet. ‘Over In Brooklyn’, then. Bring it on.


Tubelord ‘Ratchet’ by Hassle Records



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